Your Mind
Intelligently Designed
Works like a cosmic television.
Garbage, Deception and Lies control 99% of the programming.
God never stops broadcasting.
The truth sets you free to choose amongst all the channels
And your personal prayers are the only hope remote.
What channels are you watching?
Gratitude reboots the machine.
In God We Trust.

Head Up Display
Case StudiesCase Studies
Wonder Vision Wisdom
Emotional Surgery

Intelligent Design
Guerrilla Mind Warfare
The Structures and Dynamics of Emotional Anatomy
Through the Lenses of Awe and Wonder
The tug of war between stories
You can watch it work.
"Gratitude Reboots the Machine"

Albert Einstein
Intelligently designed guidance system
Everybody helping everybody else
Free Choice for the glory of God
Magnificent Creation
Generation Wisdom



The tug of war between stories



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Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD
"Gratitude Reboots the Machine"

We need you now more than ever.
For the future of freedom.